Web- & Graphic Design

Graphic Design

My first project was the logo redesign and creating a fitting corporate design around it – followed by customer loyalty cards, vouchers, food menus, aprons, stickers, stamps, store branding, to-go cup design and needless to say: loads of icons.

Tools used

  • Frau trinkt aus gebrandeten Kaffeebecher
  • Icon Illustrationen von Bowl, Salat und Frühstück
  • Fotografie der Schürze in Kombination mit dem Becher Icon-Set
  • Fotografie der Gutscheinkarten
  • Fotografie der gebrandeten Schürze
  • Fotografie der gestalteten Speisekarte
  • Mockup der Speisekarte, Becher und Bonuskarten
  • Fotografie der gebrandeten Becher
  • Fotografie des Ladenschilds von beiden Seiten
  • Fotografie des gebrandeten Bechers mit Icons
  • Milchtüten Icon Illustration

The Berlin based café, Milch & Zucker, serves a variety of cakes, bowls, small snacks and breakfast options. They put a lot of thought in creating fresh and healthy juices and of course their main product, strong and honest coffee.

The photographer of the café shoot was the Berlin based freelancer Viviane Förster-Wild (www.vivianewild.com). Thank you for the great shooting – again.