Web- & Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Design concept, illustration and layout of the 76-page brochure for the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Tools used

“We do digital” is the second edition of the economy 4.0 series from the German chamber of industry and commerce (DIHK). It is a collection of projects, political recommendations and digital guidelines for the German industry and commerce. The publication contains knowledge and suggestions of over 20 authors.
It is available as a Epub, PDF and printed brochure.

My part was redesigning the annual publication, developing a new layout / icon concept, which respects the corporate design guideline of the German chamber but still has enough room to stand out from the previous brochures. Furthermore, I illustrated clean outline infographics to replace old stock images and last but not least choosing a fitting print finish to add a digital element to the printed publication – within the budget limit. As you can hopefully see on the images, the title has a laser hot-foil embossing which reflects natural and indoor lighting. That’s why I call it the rainbow finish.

Photographer of my brochure reference was the Berlin based freelancer Viviane Wild.