Web- & Graphic Design

Web Design

Illustration of several app-icon-sets, based on the pixel-perfect web standard, for the Berlin based startup taxfix. The two most prominent sets, are the one for the questionnaire (monochrome) and the different tax exemptions (multi-colour). The app is available for Android and iOS.

Tools used

  • Cashier Icons and iPhone Mockups
  • Colourful illustrations and app screen mockup
  • seating accommodations to represent the different professional situations
  • App Screen Mockup and pixel-perfect icons
  • Icon Grid
  • App Screen Mockups and icons determing the personal relationships
  • Extract questionnaire icons
  • Iglu Illustration in Blue

Taxfix made tax declarations not just easy but actually fun. The Berlin based company combined a chat-like questionnaire with icons and progress driven animations. The app is available for iOS and Android and lets you do your taxes of the last 4 years. The download is free of charge, only if you are getting a tax refund and decide to send to the tax office, they’ll charge you a fix amount.

Its been a pleasure to work for the inhouse UX/UI team and illustrate a bunch of icons (couple hundred). But I’m even prouder to be part of a project, that enables people to take charge and conquer their own tax declaration.