Web- & Graphic Design

Web Design

Digital campaign for the Berlin senate administration for integration, work and social.

Tools used

As part of a 3-members-team (design, coding, texting), we won the pitch for the Berlin senate administration. The department called “SeniAS”, short for senate administration for integration, work and social. I developed the design guide lines, illustrated the infographics and layouted further marketing materials like a barrier-free whitepaper PDF. The campaign was set up around a Berlin based congress „Arbeit 4.0“ (work 4.0). It promoted the event, but also gave a platform to participants, where they could discuss certain topics or simply get further information on the latest technology/political support. The illustrations needed to based on the corporate design of the city of Berlin (most famous as the be.berlin campaign). The campaign used the hashtag #work4Bln for all channels.