Web- & Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Design concept, illustration and layout of the 76-page brochure for the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Tools used

  • Ausschnitt der Broschüre mit Klappumschlag
  • Infografik zum Thema Digital Health
  • Cover We Do Digital
  • Infografik zum Thema Moderne Verwaltung
  • Innenseite Broschüre
  • Broschüren Cover
  • Infografik zum Thema Big Data
  • Rückseite der Broschüre
  • Innenseiten und Kapiteleinstieg
  • Infografik zum Thema digitalisierte Energieversorgung
  • Innenseite Broschüre
  • Infografik zum Thema Kernpunkte der Digitalisierung
  • Deutschlandkarte
  • Infografik zum Thema digitaler Handel
  • Klappumschlag mit Gewinners des Wettbewerbs We Do Digital
  • Infografik zum Thema Finanzierungsformen von morgen
  • Innenseite Broschüre
  • Infografik zum Thema digitale Arbeitswelt
  • Innenseiten von 2016 und 2017
  • Broschüre von 2016 und 2017
  • Infografik zum Thema Digitale Plattformen für Plan- und Genehmigungsverfahren
“We do digital” is the second edition of the economy 4.0 series from the German chamber of industry and commerce (DIHK). It is a collection of projects, political recommendations and digital guidelines for the German industry and commerce. The publication contains knowledge and suggestions of over 20 authors.
It is available as a Epub, PDF and printed brochure.

My part was redesigning the annual publication, developing a new layout / icon concept, which respects the corporate design guideline of the German chamber but still has enough room to stand out from the previous brochures. Furthermore, I illustrated clean outline infographics to replace old stock images and last but not least choosing a fitting print finish to add a digital element to the printed publication – within the budget limit. As you can hopefully see on the images, the title has a laser hot-foil embossing which reflects natural and indoor lighting. That’s why I call it the rainbow finish.

Photographer of my brochure reference was the Berlin based freelancer Viviane Wild.