Web- & Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Ping! Pong! Christmas card design and cookie baking for my customers to say thank you for 2017.

Tools used

  • Weihnachtsprojekt 2017 in eigener Sache
  • Icon Weihnachts-Kugel
  • Selbstgebackene amerikanische Cookies
  • Icon Weihnachts-Zuckerstange
  • Backprozess
  • Gif Animation for my lenticular christmas card
  • Packaging meiner Weihnachtsgrüße
  • Happy Pong
  • Weihnachts-Icons
  • Weihnachtskarten in Vorder- und Rückseite
  • Icon Weihnachts-Kerze
  • Packaging meiner Weihnachtsgrüße
  • Icon Weihnachts-Tischtennisschläger
  • Weihnachten 2017
  • Icon Weihnachts-Handschuh
In order to thank my clients/network for the awesome cooperation in 2017, I’ve been baking loads of chocolate chip cookies. Every cookies was wrapped individually and taped together with a sticker and a lenticular card. The animation of the card was created in Photoshop and based on the old Atari game “Pong”.  The card shows one gameplay with the starting score of 20:17. After the player one the left loses the round, the score changes to 20:18.
Thank you everyone for a fantastic year. I’m looking forward to 2018.